North Stamford residents can’t fix their broken septic systems. It’ll cost at least $8M for sewers.

In fall 2023, the city’s Water Pollution Control Authority hopes construction will finally begin to bring sewer service to the area. The Board of Finance this week approved a $1.88 million appropriation to move the project forward. Septic systems are used across North Stamford. But on streets in the Perna Lane area, which is near the Rippowam River, some aging septic systems cannot be replaced with new, up-to-code systems because the lots are so small, said Brian Teitelbaum, who has advocated for the sewer project. The first phase of the project, which includes properties mostly east of High Ridge Road from the Merritt Parkway to Perna Lane, is estimated to cost about $8.1 million. City boards previously authorized the WPCA to spend more than $6 million on the project. The average cost per property was recently estimated at $21,700.

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