Noisy Greenwich Ave night work to continue for a few more months, Aquarion says

The noisy night time construction on Greenwich Avenue is on track to finish early this summer, an official from Aquarion Water Company said last week. Aquarion and its contractors have been working nights since February to dig up the road and access about 2,000 feet of old water mains that needed to be replaced. The roadway is sealed up by the morning and the process starts over again each night. Xenelis said they were finishing the chlorination, flushing and testing of the new mains and that they will begin transferring the water service from the old mains to the new ones after that. The old mains will be abandoned in place once the work is complete. Crews are generally working from from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., Sunday through Friday, which has disrupted some residents’ sleep. There was discussion of shifting some work to the daytime at the last board meeting, but no changes to the work schedule were discussed last week.

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