Newtown orders independent study of 117-home plan that would ‘disturb virgin soil’ near Taunton Pond

The town’s environmental review board has taken the extra step of ordering a local builder to pay for an independent review of his wetland engineering plans to cluster 117 homes near Taunton Pond after a crowd of residents railed against the project. D’Amico and a majority of the residents who raised concerns about the development degrading water quality, exacerbating flooding and ruining animal habitats called on the town’s wetlands commission during a January public hearing to require a third-party peer review of the builder’s plans for the 136-acre site. During the public hearing, Trudell’s lead engineer seemed to balk at the idea of paying for an engineering peer review before Newtown had given its own environmental review. The five members of Newtown’s wetlands commission agreed, voting to require Trudell to pay for the independent review, and voting to keep the public hearing open until results of the review are complete.

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