New London revises community center plans to meet $30 million budget

The city has redesigned its Community Recreation Center to keep it within its $30 million budget and adjust to changing market conditions. Felix Reyes, director of the city’s Office of Development and Planning, presented the changes for the first time publicly at Monday’s City Council meeting. He is part of a special task force meeting regularly with the project’s design and construction teams. The center is being designed by architectural firm Silver/Petrucelli + Associates under the guidance of construction manager Downes Construction Co. The management firm Brailsford & Dunlavey oversees the project. The total project budget of $30 million had anticipated hard costs of construction to be roughly $22 million, leaving $8 million for soft costs and a contingency fund. The current hard cost estimates put the price tag closer to $26 million. The goal, Reyes said, is to get to a guaranteed maximum price of $25 million for construction costs.

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