New Britain’s Stanley Quarter Park pond will be dredged with hopes of returning it to its iconic former state

The slightly dilapidated, unusable feature at Stanley Quarter Park, the infamous pond, will officially be dredged and returned to a new, beautiful useable state. Over time the quality of the water in the pond has declined significantly. The construction company for the project is Colossale Site Works and the architect engineers are GZA Geo Environmental Inc. “Colossale has started the permitting and some of the things that they need to do to address the wildlife,” Barbieri said. “We want to get started right away and hopefully get some things done during the winter and be able to come into spring and maybe into June with just some type of turf reestablishment.” This $956,000 project, which launched Monday, will restore the pond back to its former glory with some added perks and upgrades.

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