Middletown’s $8 million pool complex splash pad to be free, accessible to all

With just more than three months remaining until a planned mid-June opening, the $7.8 million Veterans Memorial Pool rebuild will transform the circa-1958 facility into a state-of-the-art swimming complex to rival that of other similarly sized municipalities. Preliminary plans were announced in October 2020. Costs associated with updating the facility rose about 200 percent since the original estimate — from $2.6 million to nearly $8 million. Officials have said the increase was due partly to pandemic-related issues as well as the project’s shift from renovations to a nearly full rebuild. It originally was scheduled to open in time for the 2022 summer season. There were a number of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic that delayed the pool project, she added, acknowledging that both the city and community may have experienced frustration.


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