Middletown zoning board to consider $65M plan to build luxury dwellings

The Middletown Planning & Zoning Commission is hearing a proposal Wednesday for modified site plans which will allow for a “more luxurious and efficient” layout for an apartment building to be built on Newfield Street. The project was originally approved over a decade ago, with planning done by Middletown developer Glenn Russo. He then teamed up with Bob Dale, a principal at Newfield Residential. According to Dale, he and his company recently took over the principal planning. The modification proposal was originally supposed to go in front of the commission Jan. 11, but the applicants requested a postponement to address the city’s concerns about the plans. Director of Land Use Marek Kozikowski reiterated Dale’s sentiments, adding that the commission will likely approve the plans once the applicants can show it meets zoning code standards.


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