Middletown mayor reveals where new City Hall would be on Main Street

Officials have been looking at the former Citizens Bank corporate offices at 225-243 Main St. on the corner of College Street for some years. That location has at least 45,000 square feet available, as opposed to the 65-year-old deKoven Drive municipal building, which is some 35,000 square feet in size. However, the move wouldn’t happen for some time, the mayor said. The joint Russell Library and City Hall feasibility study committee also arrived at some potential locations for the 147-year-old library on Broad Street, a group of brownstone and brick structures that have been cobbled together over its many years of existence. The architect responsible for the original design of the bank is drawing up blueprints for new municipal offices, he added. “Once the committee looks at that, it will allow us to make an informed decision whether this is the right way to go,” Florsheim said.


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