Middletown leaders want CT DOT to suspend plans to remove Route 9 traffic lights

City officials sent a strong message to the state Department of Transportation Thursday, asking them to halt their $143 million plan to remove two traffic lights on Route 9, spurred on by significant issues raised by people opposed to the latest design. Council President Gene Nocera has acknowledged that local legislators have no authority over decisions made by the DOT. Morgan said Friday that there have been dozens of meetings over the last decade on improving safety in Middletown, and that the public supports the traffic lights removal. A crash occurs at the traffic lights, both north and south, nearly every other day, with an injury occuring about ever week, he said. The DOT presented a proposal to remove the lights in 2016, Morgan said, after hearing from the public. Based on feedback, the project was revised, and re-presented in 2018, he added. Following that, the DOT investigated additional alternatives, which led to the present project.


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