Middlesex Corp. Reaches Milestone On Housatonic River Crossing in Connecticut

The reconstruction of two adjoining bridges on I-84 over the Housatonic River in Newtown and Southbury, Conn., which began in June 2020 and is scheduled for completion in December 2023, has reached a milestone and is proceeding ahead of schedule. The project started in June 2020 with completion expected by December 2023. When asked why the project will take more than three years to complete, Walter said, “It is the complete reconstruction of a highway, so it takes that long to complete. There are major shifts of traffic through all project stages. However, because of the flexible access methods provided by the sectional barges, we’re ahead of schedule and it’s a lot safer for the traveling public to travel freely through the site without regular lane closures.” The budget for the job is $52.87 million and is being financed by CTDOT.


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