Meriden cannabis developer, OSHA settle after Massachusetts worker dies

Florida-based cannabis producer and retailer Trulieve reached a settlement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration last month after a Holyoke, Massachusetts employee died from an apparent asthma attack while filling pre-rolled joints. Trulieve, which is building a cultivation facility on Kensington Avenue, agreed to undertake a study to determine whether ground cannabis dust is required to be classified as a “hazardous chemical” in the occupational setting, in accordance with OSHA regulations. Work on the study is to be completed by May 29, 2023. In addition to the modified report, OSHA reduced the proposed fine from $35,219 to $14,502 and two of the “serious” items were withdrawn. The withdrawn items involved having a “safety data sheet” and providing training under OSHA’s hazard communication standard. The remaining citation, which identified the standard for listing “hazardous chemicals” was replaced with a citation about conducting a hazard analysis. Trulieve is a multi-state operator with hubs anchored in the Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast with large market share in Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania. It has a license for a medical dispensary in Bristol.

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