Master plan finds six Stamford schools in ‘poor’ condition as district considers which buildings to fix first

During a roughly 40-minute presentation by contractor SLAM Collaborative to the city’s Long Term Facilities Committee, members were given a look at which buildings need to be fixed soonest — and a plan to change the makeup of the district to include either K-5 or K-8 schools to better fit children to classroom seats. At the top of the list was Roxbury Elementary School, which the city had already identified as one of five schools most in need of demolition. It received a score of “poor” from SLAM. Next on the list were Newfield Elementary School, Northeast Elementary School and Turn of River Middle School, all also listed as poor. The final two schools to receive the same grade were Stamford High School and Toquam Magnet Elementary School. Representatives from SLAM said the list was derived from the overall cost per square foot to address deficiencies in the buildings, including problems with the structure itself, the interior, inside architecture, electrical and mechanical equipment and plumbing. SLAM is expected to submit its final master plan report to the city in February.

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