Manchester, developer differ on status of Parkade deal

Developer Michael Licamele, who is a principal of the Easton-based Manchester Parkade 1 LLC, the Parkade’s former developer, said he and his partner, Harry Freeman, would fight the town’s recent decision to pull the plug on negotiations for redevelopment of the Broad Street property that once held a retail plaza. The town and Manchester Parkade I signed a development agreement in April 2021, which was extended twice but lapsed last September prior to the developer securing the necessary financing to close on the property, the news release said. Last month, Licamele called the town’s decision to part ways “one of the biggest mistakes, if not the biggest mistake, that the government of the town of Manchester has ever made.” Licamele said Monday his company has yet to take any legal action against the town, but “we feel we’re on very strong legal footing here.”

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