In Hartford’s Upper Albany, will a critical redevelopment project see shovels in the ground this time?

The city’s $15 million development plan for land it owns at the corner of Albany Avenue and Woodland Street includes what could become the long-sought after the visitor attraction: a 2-level, sit-down restaurant with rooftop dining. The city’s hope is that the 40,000-square-foot project will spur other neighborhood redevelopment along Albany Avenue, stretching roughly one mile from the intersection of Albany Avenue and Woodland Street east to the Arrowhead development on the edge of downtown. The project would also build on $30 million in recent streetscape improvements. Even with a renewed push, construction isn’t likely to get underway until the summer or fall of 2023. The project is complex. The plans include selling off a portion on the rear property off Woodland to a separate developer for retail development.

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