Here’s what Stamford officials have learned from their investigation into the Allure terrace collapse

Escape, a Harbor Point high-rise, could have suffered a similar fate to neighboring Allure, which had part of its fifth-floor terrace collapse. At Escape, however, developer Building and Land Technology uncovered the similar structural quirk during construction. The problem — missing interior supports in the terrace’s cement — was preemptively fixed before Escape was completed with steel plates installed to prevent future trouble, the developer said. City officials did not release the name of the special inspectors involved with the Allure or Escape properties. Concrete construction company Baker Concrete built the slab at Allure. A final report from engineers will ultimately detail everything that caused the Feb. 1 partially collapsed terrace. Mayor Caroline Simmons laid out plans to examine eight additional Harbor Point properties built by the South End’s biggest developer as part of its investigation.

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