Here’s how Norwich Public Utilities plans to locate and replace the city’s lead pipes

Norwich Public Utilities, the entity that manages the city’s water supply, estimates there are at least 800 private water service lines in the city with pipes that contain lead, and an upcoming survey is expected to reveal more. The water is protected with corrosion inhibitors, but the utility plans to begin replacing those lines this summer. In December, the utility received $600,000 from the state bonding commission to replace 70 lines to private homes and businesses. While this first phase will be finished by Labor Day, it’s part of a larger project to eliminate all lead water service lines in the city within five years, according to a press release. This money comes from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed in Nov. 2021, which has a $15 billion section for replacing lead service lines across the country, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

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