Here are the 4 developers with visions for Hartford’s Bushnell South project; 2 are familiar names in redevelopment of the city

Two of the four developers submitting visions for a major redevelopment near the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford on the largest of a jumble of parking lots have built a total of hundreds of apartments in the downtown area in the last decade. The two developers are Spinnaker Real Estate Partners LLC of Norwalk and Spectra Construction and Development of New York, associated with Wonder Works Construction Corp., the Capital Region Development Authority said Tuesday. Michael W. Freimuth, CRDA’s executive director, said the plans submitted by the four developers for the 3-acre lot just east of the renovated State Office Building at 165 Capitol Ave, would cost an average of $110 million to build. CRDA hopes to have a preferred developer selected this fall, Freimuth said.

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