Hamden Middle School expansion hits snag due to cost increase, questions over redistricting

Long-awaited plans to expand Hamden Middle School hit a snag after a cost analysis raised the estimated price tag by about $5 million, a funding increase the Legislative Council must approve before the project can go forward. District officials were quick to point out that while the town will need to borrow the money, the state is expected to reimburse 80 percent of the cost of the expansion.
The middle school expansion was approved in 2019 as a key part of the district’s Reimagine, Restructure, Results Initiative, also known as 3R. Kaplan said it is important that the council approve the additional funds for the project within the next six months — the timeframe provided by the state. When officials originally proposed adding a new wing to the middle school, they estimated it would cost about $11 million. By summer 2021, the figure was up to about $17 million; a couple of weeks ago, a construction manager put the cost at $22 million, according to Mayor Lauren Garrett.


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