Groundbreaking held for South Norwalk School; will end decades of educational inequity for students

Construction has officially begun at what will become the first school in the South Norwalk neighborhood in over 40 years, mending a long overdue inequity for local students. The new state-of-the-art school will fill a whole in the South Norwalk community that has existed since the late 1970s, when Norwalk Public Schools shuttered Nathaniel Ely School on Ingalls Avenue as part of desegregation efforts, a joint statement from the NPS and the city of Norwalk said. The $78 million project has a state reimbursement rate of 60 percent — putting a $31.2 million burden on the city and its taxpayers. Rilling credited the 60 percent reimbursement rate to the hard work of Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and the other Norwalk representatives to the state General Assembly. With construction underway, the district looks to welcome students in the fall of 2025, according to the NPS construction website.

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