Greenwich school board OKs plan for 660-student Central Middle School — with flexibility if enrollment grows

The Board of Education held numerous special meetings over the spring and summer to determine what size building would have longevity in central Greenwich, and Thursday evening, the board approved a 115,311-square-foot plan. The district’s consultants at Construction Solutions Group also added extra space in the media center and hallways, which Mercanti-Anthony didn’t support. “In the grand in the grand scheme of things, though, holding off on moving the project forward because of the debate over 500 square feet in the library is not in the best interest of the community,” he said. The Central Middle School building committee is currently editing a request for proposals for an architect and owner’s representative. Board member Christina Downey said they could add detail to the educational specifications once they receive the results of the soil testing. The testing was delayed a few days this week after the soil team contracted COVID-19.

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