Greenwich High entryway bids arrive $1.3M over budget. ‘Excessively high’ costs shock school officials

The Greenwich High School vestibule project’s building committee expected construction bids to hit just above the $2.7 million budget, board of education and building committee member Christina Downey said. But when members of the committee opened two bids from what Downey described as ‘reputable’ companies Tuesday, they were surprised to see both construction companies charging around $4 million. The steep diversion from budget will cost time, for any extra expenses must pass Greenwich’s Board of Education, Board of Estimate and Taxation and Representative Town Meeting before the committee can hire a construction company. The building committee said it had hoped to complete demolition and make progress on the entryway before the beginning of the school year. The opportunity to bid opened June 27, and the building committee gave companies until July 12 to submit their bids. The deadline stretched to July 19 after a potential bidder asked for an extension because of “the short bid period and the fact that there is a holiday in the middle of it.” A short bidding period can result in inflated prices if companies don’t have adequate time to review the documents prepared by the architect, officials said.

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