Greenwich Avenue residents must endure nighttime noise from roadwork: ‘You can’t even sleep’

Aquarion Water Company and its contractors were recently working overnight near her home to replace 2,000 feet of aged water mains under Greenwich Avenue, but the light and the sound, she said, have kept Santos and some of her neighbors from sleeping. When crews come to work at night, Santos said, the engines of large trucks rumble, saws whir to cut through the asphalt and excavators dig out dirt to access the pipes. Debris fills the air and light towers brighten up the dark Avenue as well as homes above. The water main replacement project started last month and is expected to continue into the summer, Aquarion officials said on March 14. The project area stretches from Elm Street to Grigg Street, with crews working in different areas as they replace the old pipes and then go back to transfer water service. Aquarion and its contractors said the work hours are dictated to them by the Department of Public Works so they said they would speak to DPW about adjusting the work plan to include some day time work and street closures.

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