Gov. Ned Lamont says he will no longer push for climate change legislation that Republicans say could raise gasoline prices. Governor also repeats opposition to tolls.

Lamont, a Democrat, said his reasons were pragmatic for cooling on the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a regional plan to reduce greenhouse gases that was once at the heart of his effort on climate. At a later appearance in East Hartford, Lamont said that gasoline prices had reached a seven-year high and there was not enough support in the legislature in 2022 – a year when both Lamont and the entire legislature are up for re-election. “It’s probably not the year to do it this year with gas prices where they are,’’ Lamont said. Asked whether the proposal could be revived in 2023, Lamont said, “Yeah, let’s see where we are.’’ TCI is a regional cap-and-trade proposal to raise money to address climate change by reducing motor vehicle pollution, which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. It would require large gasoline and diesel fuel wholesalers to purchase allowances to offset the environmental harm caused by combustion of the carbon-based fuels they sell in Connecticut, essentially putting a price tag on pollution.

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