From mixed-use projects to car dealers, Milford development continues

Planned developments range from car dealerships to restaurants to mixed-use projects, containing either live-work units — as approved for Oxford Street — or multi-floor structures with commercial space and apartments. These, along with the more than 450 new businesses that entered the city over the last year, will ease the tax burden on residents, she said. Some of the new developments are in the mix-use category, such as the 44-64 River St. project — a 12,000-square-foot project featuring retail, 50 apartments and an underground public parking garage. A recently approved project, 4 Oxford St., has a different take on mix-use. This project will turn five obsolete and semi-vacant office suites into 14 live-work units. These mix-use projects have led to Nash’s office talking to other developers with similar ideas.

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