Fort Trumbull developers see opportunity in New London

A Thursday webinar, hosted by the state Department of Economic and Community Development, touted the project as the largest in the state so far to take advantage of federal Opportunity Zone tax incentives authorized in 2017 to bolster low-income communities. Construction of The Residences at Fort Trumbull is underway on the Howard Street site. Parcels on the 80-acre peninsula, which also is home to Fort Trumbull State Park, have been vacant since they were cleared for development in a move by the city that led to the 2005 landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London on the use of eminent domain. Critics of the community center plan argue the city is using prime real estate better suited for a taxpaying entity. Some have said the location indicates a focus on new residents rather than the city’s existing youth population, who may not be able to access the site as easily.

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