Fairfield, Westport to replace four aging, substandard bridges by 2028

The town is preparing to replace four deteriorating bridges in the coming years. Town officials said construction crews will rebuild a Commerce Drive bridge over Ash Creek this summer, two more over Sasco Brook next year and a fourth over Pine Creek on Oldfield Road from 2027 to 2028. The bridges running over Ash and Pine creeks date back to the 1920s and 1930s, respectively, pushing the end of their service life, and the Sasco Brook bridges don’t meet required standards for height and width — all factors that have warranted the upcoming upgrades, worth a total of over $15 million. He said Westport will take the lead on construction at the two Sasco Brook bridges, while Fairfield shares costs and offers input. Fairfield and Westport only need to cover 10 percent of the project each due to state funding through the state DOT’s Local Bridge Program. Fairfield will spend a combined $865,200 for the work on the two bridges, which together will cost $7.8 million, according to town records.


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