Eversource’s plan to put two transmission lines under Norwalk Harbor sparks concerns about docks

Plans for Eversource to place transmission lines under Norwalk Harbor as part of the $1 billion project to replace the Walk train bridge are prompting concerns over the future of the city’s public docks. Eversource plans to place two existing overhead transmission lines underground by microtunneling from the Norwalk Police Station, under the Norwalk River, to East Norwalk on Fort Point Street, according to the project’s webpage. However, the tunnel’s path crosses in front of Norwalk’s boat ramp off Veterans Memorial Park. The tunnel’s path through the river concerns the Norwalk Harbor Management Commission, which has petitioned the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to further investigate the project’s impacts on the harbor and the future of the public dock. Microtunneling is a construction method in which a pit is dug to the desired depth, then sections of the tunnel are incrementally pushed into the earth horizontally while the machine at the tip of the tube breaks up and evacuates the soil.


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