Energy Secretary on State Pier Project: ‘We want to replicate this’

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said during her visit to eastern Connecticut Friday that President Joe Biden has singled out Connecticut, and Waterford and New London in particular, as examples of how the country can reach its clean energy goals. Granholm said solving the waste issue is an important part of relying on renewable energy. “Clearly, we want to be able to continue to use these plants and the ones we want to build, and right now nuclear fission has waste, and so we’ve got to figure out where that’s going to be solved,” she said. “A lot of communities raised their hands and said, yes, we are excited to have a nuclear plant, but they didn’t all volunteer to host the waste. So in order to make good to those communities, we have to have a consent-based siting process for the waste. So we’ve begun that.”

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