Deteriorating bridge over Sasco Creek in Westport, Fairfield to be replaced

Come 2025, Westport should get a new bridge over Sasco Creek. The current bridge, which was built around 1965, starts at the intersection of Old Road and Wakeman Lane and has fallen into disrepair, the state Department of Transportation has determined. The bridge work could start in spring 2025, Wilberg said, and will take until about that November. With Planning and Zoning on board, the approvals will be sent to the state and Fairfield’s design engineers, and then will need CTDOT and Army Corps of Engineer approvals. Cost of the project is set about $3 million, with 80 percent paid by the state and 20 percent shared by Westport and Fairfield, Wilberg said. Fairfield may pay more than 10 percent since their population is greater than Westport’s.

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