Derby WPCA workers work overtime upgrading old plant

The facility is in such a state of disrepair that, he said, the entire plant needed to be overhauled. If the plant is to be modernized without the regionalization plan, it would cost an estimated $70 million over a 20-year span, according to the phase 1 study results. Jack Walsh, the chair of the Water Pollution Control Authority, said that the WPCA is making progress on the upgrades outside of the plant as well. So far, three pump stations have been built and there are plans to upgrade 40 miles of sewer pipes. Many of the pipes are more than 100 years old, he said. While plant workers are getting overtime this year, they have used less than half of their overtime budget for 2020-21, he said. As of now, the Derby WPCA is also working on a plan to upgrade the sewer pipes on Main Street. Walsh said he is hoping that construction will begin next year.

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