Delayed, over-budget Bridgeport flood control project on track for $47M federal boost

The federal government is expected to bail out a delayed, over-budget South End flood control initiative, but the release of the dollars, and actual construction, are still months away. The massive coastal flood risk reduction initiative was launched locally after the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused in the South End in 2012. Once installed, the infrastructure network of new pumping stations, flood walls, raised streets and other related improvements are not only intended to safeguard lives and property, but expected to significantly lower flood insurance costs, spurring more private investment in the area. But the hope that Resilient Bridgeport initially inspired for the South End’s future has over the years given way to some frustration with the slow pace of the ongoing design process and the subsequent spike in the originally estimated budget. Over a year ago state officials applied for the additional $47.5 million from FEMA. And the grant is not quite a done deal.

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