Deal or no deal: PLAs in the construction industry

“We know that our members are going to make a good, middle-class wage, [enjoy] a great medical plan and then a pension plan for when they are too old to do this really physically demanding work. [PLAs] fund apprenticeship programs that train the future of our industry. We see it as good for both sides — the developer, the awarding agency and for us, the union.” Anti-PLA arguments, according to Gary LaBarbera, BCTC president, are simply false narratives designed to demonize unions and take attention away from the real reasons that groups like the ABC oppose PLAs. “It’s not about inclusion or lack of competitiveness,” he said. “It’s about trying to keep wages and benefits suppressed. It’s about being able to have control over workers so that they can be manipulated and exploited … and that is why there’s opposition to project labor agreements.”

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