Data center developer requests Groton Town Council make a decision soon

The Town Council will hold a meeting next week to vote on a revised proposed data center agreement for land south of Interstate 95 between Hazelnut Hill and Flanders Roads, after the developer requested the council make a decision soon. Thomas Quinn, manager of NE Edge LLC, which is seeking the host fee agreement with the town, said he is working with a very large data center company and some preliminary siting decisions will be made by the end of the first quarter, which he said is fast approaching. People raised concerns at a Feb. 24 public presentation about the potential impact of the data center proposal on the environment, including electricity, water use and possible effects on wells in nearby neighborhoods, as well as concerns about traffic and a loss of tax revenue. Labor unions said they were in favor of the development because it would bring good-paying jobs. Quinn has estimated that, depending on the size and type of the facility or facilities, it would bring about 80 to 160 full-time jobs.

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