Danbury’s fast track to NYC plan gets $2M grant to move ahead; money for a 2nd project has to wait

A $2 million federal grant to study impacts of a fast track from Danbury to New York City was approved by a U.S. House vote this week, while a similarly-sized grant for a health center garage and senior housing project has to wait for a future funding round. Once considered a longshot, the fast track to New York City made news in December, when a $1 million study found the idea was “feasible both from a physical and economic perspective,” according to a consultant who led the study. The fast-track grant was one of seven projects in western Connecticut included by Hayes in a funding package of appropriation bills that passed the House on Wednesday. The seven projects did not include $2 million for a Danbury-based nonprofit to build a parking garage at its downtown health center and build an 80-unit housing facility for needy seniors. Hayes earlier this year had put in a good word about the grant for Connecticut Institute for Communities to the House Appropriations Committee, but the grant was not on the short list of projects approved in Wednesday’s bills.


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