Danbury’s career academy cost projected to rise 46 percent to $144.5M

The estimated cost to build a new middle and high school has risen dramatically — up almost 46 percent from what was approved last year. City Council is expected to consider on Tuesday a new request to borrow $144.5 million for the career academy, compared to the $99 million approved last April. The city hopes the state will cover about $115.6 million of the project. Inflation led to a “significant” cost increase, while “COVID-19 related construction impacts” affected labor and the cost of materials, he said. Including prevailing wages and other requirements also drove up the cost. Danbury’s attorneys are negotiating a contract with the Summit that will “contain numerous contingencies” benefiting the city, including that all funding for the project must be approved and that Danbury may chose the prime contractor, Esposito said. The council must approve the agreement, as well.


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