Danbury career academy won’t open in fall 2024; ambitious plan for west side school delayed at least a year

The new career academy-style high school and middle school that aims to accommodate 1,400 city students at a refurbished west side office park will miss its 2024 opening goal and be delayed at least a year. The reason for the missed opening date: Negotiations to buy the hilltop building on Apple Ridge Road ate up too much time. The city didn’t close on the deal until late November. “The voters passed the ($164 million career academy) referendum in June and we had expected to close in July,” Iadarola said. Danbury closed on the property sale Nov. 26., which made an August 2024 opening date undoable, he said. “Although we anticipate being able to finish the project well before August of 2025, you can’t open up a school of this size in mid-year,” Iadarola said.


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