CT airport authority may take over running Bridgeport’s Sikorsky

“This is an exciting moment for the City of Bridgeport and the Connecticut Airport Authority,” Lamont said in a statement. “The easier it is for travelers to reach our state, the stronger it makes our state’s economy and contributes to tourism. These steps are necessary to ensure the growth at Sikorsky is sustainable and that we are maximizing this transportation asset to the fullest extent possible.” Sikorsky, which typically runs at a half-million-dollar deficit that impacts Bridgeport’s annual budget, is not currently part of the CAA’s portfolio, though the organization has in the past provided some assistance there. Tuesday’s announcement comes as Bridgeport has fallen behind in the airport expansion contest with New Haven’s Tweed, whose new commercial passenger carrier, Avelo, just this month launched flights to Florida. And Kevin Dillon, the CAA’s executive director, in a quote included in Tuesday’s announcement insisted “commercial service is within reach at Sikorsky Airport.”


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