CT airport authority aims to buy Bridgeport’s Sikorsky for $10M

The Connecticut Airport Authority is willing to pay the city up to $10 million to purchase Sikorsky Memorial Airport. “We have decided it would be in our best interests to try to pursue an acquisition,” Kevin Dillon, the authority’s director, said Friday. “It’s easier to accomplish. It’s a lot cleaner.” The challenge for the Ganim administration and any interested private airlines has been that Sikorsky has an annual operating deficit of around $500,000 and it will take millions worth of infrastructure upgrades to again offer commercial passenger flights. Dillon said he hoped to be able to finalize a deal with Bridgeport so that the CAA will take over Sikorsky by year’s end. As for the $10 million sale price, Dillon noted that is contingent upon Bridgeport being able to prove under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines that the city over the years has spent that much out of its operating budget, excluding airport revenues, to keep Sikorsky running.


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