Costello Dismantles 12 Interconnected Brass Plant Structures in Waterbury

Between March and April 2021 and an additional phase in 2022, the Costello Dismantling Company Inc. completed the demolition of the 400,000-sq.-ft. former Anaconda American Brass Company manufacturing plant in the city of Waterbury, Conn. Due to widespread contamination and deterioration of the entire complex, more than 10,000 tons of debris was handled and disposed of as PCB and asbestos waste. Waterbury was known as “The Brass City” because it was home to several brass manufacturing plants. Waterbury received $2.2 million — $2 million from the State of DECD and $200,000 from an NVCOG EPA RLF grant — to pay for the demolition, environmental assessment and remediation on both parcels, which are adjacent to each other. Costello Dismantling secured the $2,704,253 demolition and abatement contract in early 2021.

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