Connecticut’s State Capitol has broken elevators, escalators. Fix could cost $10 million

The final few weeks of the legislative session isn’t an optimal time for elevators, escalators and the moving floor between the State Capitol and adjacent Legislative Office to break down, but that is what has happened as the equipment recently reached its lifetime, and the public and lawmakers gingerly navigate the historic halls. The estimated price tag might exceed $10 million. James Tamburro, the executive director of the Office of Legislative Management, which administrates the 14-acre campus, said that several elevators, escalators and one of the two moving floors between the Capitol and Legislative Office Building are currently broken. Osten noted that the escalators up into the Capitol’s first floor and back down are too-narrow for federal Americans with Disability Act requirements. She said that the total price tag is about $10 million, possibly more, with the garage elevator.

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