Connecticut towns look to derail proposed data center projects

Gotspace Data Partners LLC, a Groton, Connecticut company, is looking to build five data centers across the state. The company is aiming to develop facilities in Wallingford, Bozrah, Groton, Norwich, and Griswold. While some officials & locals are against bringing data centers to their area, it seems the towns are mainly concerned with the company’s own stability and commitment to the projects. Wallingford Town Attorney Gerald Farrell said that “Gotspace has some internal issues going on within itself.” The town cannot terminate the agreement unless Gotspace fails to apply for a building permit for the project within 36 months after execution of the agreement. However, before construction can begin, Gotspace must first enter into an agreement with the state Department of Economic and Community Development commissioner, a power supply agreement with Wallingford Electric Division, and appeal to the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission to change the local zoning regulations to allow data centers.

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