Connecticut Supreme Court orders new trial over termination of original Dunkin’ Donuts Park developers

The original developers — Centerplan Construction Co. and DoNo Hartford LLC — in July 2016 filed a $90 million lawsuit challenging the termination. In 2019, a jury in Superior Court in Hartford sided with the city, placing blame on Centerplan and DoNo for not meeting deadline. The jury also awarded the city $335,000 in damages. On appeal, Centerplan, through its attorney Louis Pepe of McElroy, Deutch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, and DoNo argued that the trial court in 2019 did not allow them to present evidence that they could not be held liable for “countless flaws” in the ballpark designs because the architect was under the city’s control. That, according to the developers, resulted in cost overruns, delays in the ballpark’s construction and, ultimately, the termination of the developers. With the Supreme Court ordering a new trial, the city could be liable for tens of millions of dollars of damages to Centerplan and DoNo.

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