Connecticut among host of East Coast states vying for piece of offshore wind investment

Examples of large investments in ports can be found up the Northeast coastline in anticipation of work for the burgeoning offshore wind industry. States are turning more and more to wind power and repurposing or building new ports to be used for staging and assembly of turbine parts or repair and maintenance facilities. The QDC oversees the 3,200-acre Quonset Business Park, which already has more than 210 companies, nearly 13,000 workers and is one of the top automobile importers in North America. The QDC is also the terminal operator for the Port of Davisville — the state’s only public port — in the business park. Plans are in the works for a major investment to upgrade its entire facility, which includes two piers. John Henshaw, executive director of the Connecticut Port Authority, agreed that the offshore wind industry is changing the face of ports up and down the coast. The state commitments for procurement of offshore wind as a green energy source, paired with significant state and federal funding to support infrastructure projects, “is making ports think about what role they might play in this evolving industry,” he said.

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