‘Catastrophic’ Middletown water main break could have been much worse, officials say

Without knowing which and how many businesses were directly affected, Russo Driska contacted Water and Sewer Director Joseph Fazzino, and began sending a series of messages to DBD members with updates as she received them. She also used social media. Although it was installed in 1895, the main had undergone cleaning and lining repairs about a decade ago, and new four-way valves were installed at the intersection, Fazzino added. “The water department identified the problem, and was able to [contain] it so that everyone else’s pressure rose back up, and their water was back to normal,” Russo Driska said. City construction crews had to proceed slowly to avoid worsening the problem, Fazzino said. They toiled throughout the night to get service restored by start of business the next day. The road was paved as a temporary measure with gravel, and later, two inches of asphalt, the water and sewer director said. Once it settles, crews will return to make it a foot thick.


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