Bristol will sponsor a building trades apprenticeship program

The city will sponsor a building trades apprenticeship program next year as part of the planned renovation of City Hall. Building Pathways is an apprenticeship training program “which takes people who are typically underrepresented in the building trades and exposes them to various aspects,” said Katherine Mamed, executive director of the United Labor Agency, of which the program is a part. Since the city will be embarking on a renovation plan for City Hall next spring that will utilize a large number of trades there can be site visits to the project by Building Pathways participants, Zoppo-Sassu said. The mayor said this is a 12 week program that meets twice a week for a half a day each time. She said the job placement rate for participants was part of what attracted her to the program. Mamed said Building Pathways has recently finished “our first class through our partnership with the City of New Haven, and within two months we had 71.4% of our graduating class working. So to finish that class just before the holidays and be able to have that many people working so quickly I think is just a testament to the fact that you have people who want to work there are jobs.”

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