Bridgeport to hold off on demolishing Cherry Street Lofts buildings

Prominent developer Gary Flocco has a few months’ reprieve to get his Cherry Street Lofts project back on track before the city moves to demolish the handful of recently-condemned buildings he needs for more housing. In late April, Director Thomas Gill and Deputy Director William Coleman informed council budget committee members that four blighted buildings making up the next phase of Flocco’s Cherry Street Lofts endeavor — 62, 72 and 80 Cherry St. and 1325 Railroad Ave — had been deemed hazardous and ordered demolished. “From the council perspective, we’re not excited about issuing (borrowing) $10 million of bonds to demolish buildings that may yet be restored, rebuilt,” Burns said. “My feeling is that the developer will still be able to pull things together and end up with a result I think we all want.” Burns acknowledged that the fact that an emergency condemnation order has been issued for Flocco’s properties opens Bridgeport to legal exposure as long as the structures remain standing and in disrepair should a member of the public be injured there.

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