Bridgeport residents support Steelpointe apartment plan, but raise concerns about gentrification

The City Council held a public hearing Monday night on a proposed tax incentive deal for the development of luxury apartments at Steelpointe. At month’s end the council will consider authorizing the tax break the developers are seeking to help finance the 400 “high-end market-rate” apartments, which will be located off of East Main Street south of Stratford Avenue and cost about $100 million to build. Although the Steelpointe redevelopment was proposed a few decades ago, visitors and passersby will still find plenty of vacant land. Two years ago the Christophs stated they wanted to break ground on the market-rate housing in 2020, but then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The proposed tax agreement before the council calls for a two-year construction period and an additional year to occupy the units.

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