Bridgeport area builders battle supply shortages and inflation, but experts say consumers will ultimately bear the cost

While material shortages continue to cause problems for area builders and contractors, they are now facing an additional challenge — the materials they do get may cost much more. While developers have previously blamed delays on shortages, builders say inflation and gas prices, in addition to a labor shortage, are also becoming issues. These added challenges are forcing developers to spend more money on their projects. Grasso said inflation is making it more costly to build, as many materials essential for construction, such as PVC pipe, are made using petroleum or natural gas. As a result, homeowners will pay more. Not only are developers having a tough time buying materials, they’re also struggling to find the labor to perform the work. But while many prospective home buyers and renters are able to shoulder those added costs, in the short term, the delays and added costs are worsening an already serious housing affordability crisis, according to Desegregate CT, a coalition that advocates for racial, economic, and climate justice in land-use policies.

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