Bridgeport aims to make Sikorsky the southwestern CT airport

The city is seeking an advantage in the debate over which airport — Bridgeport’s Sikorsky or New Haven’s Tweed — should receive state support and, more importantly, state and federal investment to expand post-coronavirus pandemic services and flights. That is thanks to Gov. Ned Lamont. In the fall of 2019 — about six months before the global coronavirus crisis struck Connecticut — Lamont unveiled a transportation initiative that essentially set up a competition between Sikorsky and Tweed. “Both at Tweed and Sikorsky you’ve seen incremental movement thinking about the future,” he said. “Is there the possibility of having multiple viable airports? I think more work needs to be done on that. … We’re continuing to stay close to both airports and ask for and receive more information on what (they) could ultimately look like.” That goal is outlined in a new Sikorsky master plan recently submitted to and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Tweed, meanwhile, has its own master plan pending before the FAA to likewise position that facility for future growth. Tweed in 2019 won a decision in the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, saying a 2009 state law limiting the size of the runways is unenforceable and opening up a path for the airport to expand on its own terms.

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