Bridge construction lawsuit against Stonington is over, for now

As part of a broader lawsuit filed in March 2023, Old Colony, owned by Michelle Neri, requested a temporary injunction to stop the town from moving forward on a project to repair the South Anguilla Road bridge, but the request became moot when the project was completed before the case could be litigated. New London Superior Court Judge Angelica Papastavros approved a request by Old Colony to dismiss the claim against the town on Thursday. The rest of the suit is pending. In late 2022, the town awarded the contract to Suchocki & Son of Preston, the second lowest bidder on the project, for $16,000 more than the $322,334 bid from Old Colony.During a deposition, WMC Vice President Stephen McDonnell acknowledged that some of unsatisfactory work it cited by Old Colony dated back as far as 2006. In a memo to the board, Town Engineer Christopher Greenlaw wrote that Old Colony “has a performance history of extended project timelines and schedules that would drive increases for construction, admin[istration], and inspection at a minimum.” He also said the town’s bid documents state that it reserves the right to not select the lowest bid.

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